Joel Graesser – Untitled

Joel Graesser - Untitled

Joel Graesser – Untitled (1989)

This abstract sculpture by Joel Graesser (1964?- ) is painted a subtle royal blue and appears to be constructed of iron or steel. It sits upon a similarly painted plinth. The signature has been either engraved or embossed in the sculpture.

Provenance: Charak Modern Design acquired this piece from Susanin’s Auction Marketplace Auctions in Chicago, IL.

Status: Charak Modern Design permanent collection

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6 responses to “Joel Graesser – Untitled

  1. joel graesser has a new address:
    no phone yet.

  2. i did this piece while getting my masters degree in illinois.

  3. we have some of your pieces at our gallery in long grove, IL – I was wondering if there was a way to interview you, in case we write a bio for those who are interested in your work. if youre interested, please call or email me, thank you
    E. J. Anderson

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