Abbott Pattison – Family Group (1969)

Abbott Pattison - Family Group

Abbott Pattison – Family Group (1969)

This bronze sculpture by Abbott Pattison (1916-1999) is a maquette commissioned by the Mayo Clinic. It depicts three abstract figures on a wooden plinth. The artist’s signature is engraved in the sculpture and the label is located under the base:

“Abbott Pattison, B64, Family Group-one of four studies for Mayo Clinic commission, 1969, bronze, unique, 6.5″h,7.5w,2d., The Downtown Gallery, 465 Park Avenue, New York. Stamped Mar, 23, 1971.

As described in the label, the piece measures 6.5″(H) x 7.5″ (L) x 2″ (W); it is in very good condition.

Provenance: Charak Modern Design acquired this piece from The Downtown Gallery, 465 Park Avenue, New York.

Status: Charak Modern Design permanent collection

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2 responses to “Abbott Pattison – Family Group (1969)

  1. Laurent Torno III

    I can’t get the photos to load. I’ll bet they are
    worth a look. Do you have other work by
    Abbott Pattison? Thanks.

    • Laurent,

      We have several pieces by Mr. Pattison. Please contact David Charak directly for more information.

      His address is




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