Joan Thorne (1943- )

Joan Thorne (1943- ) is a well-listed American artist from New York, N.Y., known for her abstract, non-objective, modern, modernist, modernism artwork.

Thorne has had numerous one-person shows in galleries such as The Fishbach Gallery, New York City; The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.; The Willard Gallery, New York City; The Graham & Sons Gallery, New York City; and The Clocktower, New York City. Her work has also been exhibited in two Whitney Museum Biennials and various other group exhibitions in the United States, Latin America, the Carribean and Europe.

In 1986, Thorne was awarded the Prix de Rome Fellowship to paint at the American Academy in Rome. She also received two National Endowment grants for painting.

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2 responses to “Joan Thorne (1943- )

  1. HI

    Kindly take my birth date off your site. Much appreciated.

    Much appreciated. I have a website which I would appreciate your including on your site..a link perhaps next to my name.

    Let me know by email that you could do both things.


    Joan Thorne

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